Deadlines & Dates:

The application deadline is October 11, 2013 (we have extended the deadline)

Scholarship winners will be notified by October 18, 2013

Scholarships will be issued by October 21, 2013

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Terms and Conditions
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CCC is pleased to continue the Conference Scholarship Program for Academic Librarians which awards $1,500 grants to attend key industry events. This program is designed to help academic librarians advance their careers and increase their knowledge within their industry.

We wish to congratulate the following individuals who were awarded scholarships to attend the recent American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference:
Deanna Munson, Crown College
Emily Chan, San Jose State University
Daniel Huang, Lehigh University
Angela Grogan, Westminster College


The Conference Scholarship Program for Academic Librarians awards librarians $1,500 to attend key industry events. We are currently accepting applications for the following conference:

Application Process

To apply for the scholarship program, librarians are asked to submit their response to the following question in 300 words or less.

  • Your goals for attending the conference

  • How this conference will benefit your institution's use and respect of intellectual property

  • Your financial need in applying for this scholarship
  • Full-time, permanent staff member or academic librarian

  • Currently employed by a US-based academic institution of higher education

  • Scholarship recipients must agree to have CCC publicize their award through press releases and social media, and are encouraged to work with their universities to promote their attendance

  • Scholarship recipients must agree to attend a CCC sponsored “meet and greet” event and photo opportunity at the awarded conference
  • Award check will be issued as a donation to the selected applicant’s general library fund within 30 days of award selection

  • Winners will be selected by a non-partisan committee

  • Award can only be used towards registration, travel and accommodations for the specified conference

  • Scholarship cannot be combined with stipends received from other companies or organizations for the specified conference
  • Award winners will be required to provide proof of registration for specified conference, prior to award being issued

  • Limit of one award per institution per year. Past award recipients were from:
      Crown College
      San Jose State University
      Lehigh University
      Westminster College
      Florida State University
      Walsh University
      SUNY Brockpor
      Georgia Tech University


How will attending this conference benefit your institution and you professionally? Your answer should include the following:

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(Please Note: If you previously submitted an application in 2013, we ask that you register again, but, you do not need to resubmit your essay. Please just indicate in the essay field that you have previously provided an essay.)
Conference Scholarship Program for Academic Librarians